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Thread: How do I install Fable tlc

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    How do I install Fable tlc

    I have decided to give ubuntu a go again and am very happy as I have managed to get The Sims 3 up and running, max settings. Am now tring to install fable. I have tried installing from disks and am now trying with iso's on wintricks, got to insert disk 2 (I have all four iso's in home/.cache/winetricks/fable_tlc as FABLE_DISK_1.iso ect, was just wondering how you mount the other disks during installation. wintricks mounted the disk itself asking for my password during the process, any help would be great. Off to play sims now, Thanks

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    Re: How do I install Fable tlc

    I personnally would use playonlinux. As it has an installeeer for fable. Http://
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