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Thread: Help in reporting bugs while in Ubuntu

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    Help in reporting bugs while in Ubuntu

    I installed Ubuntu for the first time yesterday and the process went very smoothly, better than Windows!

    1. While navigating around, I came across a few area that didn't behave well so I wanted to report them but I didn't see any buttong/link to do so if there is such a method, were would I find it?

    2. When I laucnhed Firefox:
    a. I couldn't find the menu options, were is it?
    b. I maximized then restored the program and after I moved it around bit, everything was replaced by a black screen. It had some text (two columns) in the center and an "OK" button in the upper right. Clicking this kind of restored me back to the OS but I could only see the wallpaper, the sidebar was gone. I had to do Ctrl-Alt-Del to get out.

    3. In the Personalize dialog, where you change the wallpaper, in the bottom right were some options and I clicked on the second button (forgot the name) and the program became unresponsive for a minute and afterwards I could continue.


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    Re: Help in reporting bugs while in Ubuntu

    Bugs? Or unfamiliarity with Ubuntu? Now which is it?

    To give the user more screen space the panel in applications that gives access to menu options such as File, Edit, etc., has now moved into the top panel of the desktop. Move your mouse over the left end of the top panel.

    By the way, If you slam an application against the top panel it will maximize. If you then double click the top panel the application will restore to its un-maximized state.

    On my system if I set Auto-hide to Off, then the Launcher says in place when an application is maximized.

    To get better advice you need to tell us more than, I clicked a button but I forget its name. We also need to know the version of Ubuntu that you are using.

    Also, open the Dash and type 'help' and open the Ubuntu Desktop Users guide. You need to read it.

    If you do not like they way Ubuntu works then you do not have to use it. It was free of charge, was it not? Please do not complain on this forum as we are just Ubuntu users trying to give some help to other Ubuntu users.

    If you are serious about reporting bugs, then here is some information:

    It is a machine. It is more stupid than we are. It will not stop us from doing stupid things.
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    Re: Help in reporting bugs while in Ubuntu

    First off, I know this is free so you can loose the attitude. I'm being polite and trying to resolve issues that I'm seeing as best as I can so some patience is required.

    Now my main issue is that everytime I boot into Ubuntu, I see the desktop but no other icons, nothing. The only thing I can do is right-click and then create a document or press ctrl-alt-del to log out. I've tried recovery mode but it doesn't appear to be working. I see the following message:

    "Superblock last mount in the future, possible hardware clock incorrect" (this msg appears twice). It then displays info about cleaning and that's all, it never displays anything else for 5 minutes so I press ctrl-alt-del to restart.

    Any advice on what to do? Is there an option to restore the OD?


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