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Thread: Concerning Steam and Wine (Sha1sum mismatch)

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    Concerning Steam and Wine (Sha1sum mismatch)

    Beforehand, I must apologize for any and all stupid questions. I am new to Ubuntu, and pretty much everything about it.

    Anyways, I'm attempting to download Steam in order to run Skyrim. I have the latest version of Ubuntu, Wine, and Winetricks. I have followed many videos in order to install said software, yet I get the Sha1sum Mismatch error. I researched how to fix it, and got "Install latest Wine and Winetricks". I already knew I had the latest, but I installed it again and still got the same message. I'm somewhat confused... Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

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    Re: Concerning Steam and Wine (Sha1sum mismatch)

    The winetricks in the repo is a bit outdated I'm afraid. You'll have to either wait, file a bugreport, or just download the new version manually.

    So if you want Steam you could just do:
    chmod u+x winetricks
    ./winetricks steam


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