Today I used the Ubuntu One music store for the first time.

I'd become increasingly dissatisfied with Amazon since they introduced their Cloud Player and limited downloads on Linux machines to one track at a time. The Banshee plug-in no longer worked because of how they (Amazon) has changed it's .amz files.

So I thought I'd give Ubuntu One a try. I also liked the idea that the files were 320kbps, higher than Amazon who use VBR.

I found the store itself and the purchase process absolutely fine. It was getting the music itself that I found problematic and unintuitive.

I thought it would simply create a Music>Artist>Album folder in my existing Ubuntu One folder but nothing appeared. So I ended up downloading each track from within the folder on the website. At this point I'm thinking 'well this is no better than Amazon'.

It was then I found that I needed to check the box within the Ubuntu One application itself, in order to download the music folder.

I think this should be mentioned somewhere more obvious then buried in the Help pages.

Even then I still couldn't find the music; a Google search revealed it goes into a hidden folder, .ubuntuone.

I think this too should be flagged up to the user. I was also surprised that the Ubuntu One web interface didn't have a 'download whole folder' option, say as a zip file.

I was also disappointed to note that the songs did not include their track number in the filename, so they just sort alphabetically. I know the id-tag has the track number but I like the filenames to as well. Every other mp3 download site I've used does.

So, will I be back? Probably yes. now I've figured out where everything goes but I think a bit more work is needed on the process.