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Thread: Legends of Norrath

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    Legends of Norrath

    Maybe this should be in the wine section, but since i am having installation issues i will add a wine tag. When i try to install withing wine from the downloaded .exe installer, i get a funky message about how it requires 4gb space but i only have 4gb of space? this seems contradictory so i do not understand why it is requesting that i choose a different directory to install to. I am thinking the problem is with wine, but if anyone can clarify or tell me how to work around this, i would appreciate it greatly. There appears to be no documentation on the internet about this when i use google to search. I cant believe i am the only person to run into this issue, but if i am then that gives me hope. Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: Legends of Norrath

    Quote Originally Posted by ki3gz View Post
    Maybe this should be in the wine section,
    It should, and it is now

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