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Thread: Disabling generic wifi driver

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    Re: Disabling generic wifi driver

    Small update - the wifi has now been running happily for the past 15~ minutes, without disconnecting. Not sure if it's early to celebrate, but seems stable enough.

    [EDIT] - After several disconnetions (intentional and manual), and reconnecting, it seems it's stable enough to use.
    Not sure exactly which part of our troubleshooting jogged it into working, but it seems it is working.
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    Re: Disabling generic wifi driver

    I asked about firmware because I wondered if Mint installed the firmware by default. If you connected at all, the firmware was present.

    In order for the driver to recognize the .dat file, unload and reload it:
    sudo modprobe -r rt3562sta && sudo modprobe rt3562sta
    We wonder if it will make a difference.
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