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Thread: WLAN Lenovo S205

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    WLAN Lenovo S205


    im quite new to Linux but i somehow managed to install Kubuntu on my Lenovo S205. As shown in various guides i had to blacklist the module "acer_wmi" but my wifi is still unstable and i had Mint before Kubuntu, where i installed some kind of *.deb and it worked magically.
    I tried, with help, compiling the rt2860sta driver myself, which should help, but it didnt. I blacklisted the modules: rt2800pci, rt2800lib, rt2800usb, rt2x00pci, rt2x00lib, rt2x00usb. And i added "rt2860sta" to the /etc/modules but it didnt help, the modules was loaded properly but doesnt seem to work with my wifi. What can i do?
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