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Thread: Reboot during install of Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits

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    Reboot during install of Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits


    I'm relatively new to Linux, and I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits on a HP G72 laptop in dualboot alongside Windows 7 64-bits.

    To do it, I'm using a USB key, which I used to install Ubuntu on two other computers (an Asus and a Sony).

    I first had a black screen after booting off the key, which I solved by using the nomodeset option.
    However, when I click on the "Next" button during the step where one can choose to install Ubuntu along Windows, the installation immediately stops, and this screen is displayed before the computer reboots.

    I'm sorry for the image quality.

    I've tried it a few times, and as far as I can tell, it's doing the same thing each time, with the same message.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Reboot during install of Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits

    Anyone who could help me with this please?

    PS : I'm sorry, I haven't found how to use things like spoilers on this forum.

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    Re: Reboot during install of Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits

    Your image does not appear in the browser. I would have been helpful to type the error message, which is:

    no more MTRRs available
    What is an MTRR? No idea really. But I did find this for you by simply googling 'MTTR.'

    You might want to consider this advice at the bottom of the page.

    Memory remapping will push all that addressing above 4 GB, by making the system see the full 4 GB memory and share address pointers redirecting addresses that were previously overlapped. This does happen at a performance cost as well. On 64bit systems the same is apparent but of course with much more memory (about 8 Peta Bytes).

    MTRR can manage this well and there is nothing from the how-to above extra you need do. One thing to point out is that some proprietary drivers such as ATI fglrx drivers do not always work with this feature. I have had them working before but at reduced performance because of the remapping feature, other versions just fail to find the graphics memory address so if your having X driver problems Blank screen, Lockouts, hard lock crashes etc then Disable the remapping in the bios.
    You might need to re-instate memory mapping in the BIOS after installation as Windows might now work so well.

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    Re: Reboot during install of Ubuntu 12.10 64-bits

    I haven't seen this error message before and the only thing useful Google comes up with is this:


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