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Thread: Dual Booting Windows (Not Encrypted) With Encrypted Ubuntu

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    Question Dual Booting Windows (Not Encrypted) With Encrypted Ubuntu

    Hello. I have been dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 for a while now. In the past, I have used the "encrypt home folder" option to add (some) security to my installation (ie. now no one can easily steal my home folder's contents by booting a live CD or using Windows to access my Ubuntu root partition). This is why I was excited to learn about the new Full disk encryption option in 12.10. I was able to successfully burn and boot the DVD. However, disk encryption and home folder encryption are not available options under "install along side them [the other operating system(s)]". Since I do not want to lose the Windows installation, I obviously do not want to select "erase disk".

    Basically, here is what I would like to happen:
    Power on > BIOS > GRUB > user choice (Windows or Ubuntu)
    User Choice (Windows) > Non-encrypted, normal Windows (no encryption pass-phrase required)
    User Choice (Ubuntu) > Encrypted Ubuntu 12.10 installation (with pass-phrase required)

    Now, I am able to access the "Something else" custom option, but I want to make sure I am doing everything right here.

    My current partition setup looks like this:
    /dev/sda1 is a small NTFS claimed by Windows (boot related??)
    /dev/sda2 is the very large, main Windows partition
    --16GB free--
    /dev/sda3 is manufacturer recovery

    So, I think I need to create:
    1. a /boot partition (small, less than 100MB)
    2. a "physical device for encryption" (within which / will be)
    3. a swap partition

    I have some questions, namely:
    A)Will this work as intended? and
    B)What sizes should I use for these partitions (I have 4GB RAM, but running out of memory has not been much of an issue in past installations.)?

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    Re: Dual Booting Windows (Not Encrypted) With Encrypted Ubuntu

    It seems that there are others having trouble with manual partition setup. Notice the error screenshots at the bottom of the page:

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