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Thread: .ova for ubuntu

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    .ova for ubuntu

    So here's the "problem":
    at the uneversity we received a program in a .ova file and we are supposed to emulate ubuntu on a VM to use it.
    Thing is I'm already running with ubuntu as OS and i really don't want to emulate ubuntu from ubuntu just to use that program...
    I managed to decompress it in .ovf and .vmdk but can't seem to find a way to execute any of it directly :s
    Also googled this but didn't find anything usefull ...

    Anyone ?

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    Re: .ova for ubuntu

    The .vmdk file is a virtual disk that can be used with either VMWare or VirtualBox. I believe the .ovf is a similar virtual-machine configuration file. The only way you are going to be able to use these files will be to install a virtualization program, and then import the .ova file into it. That should create the necessary infrastructure and populate it.

    The reason for doing this is probably to make certain that everyone has exactly the same configuration in which to run the program.
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    Re: .ova for ubuntu

    To confirm what has been said previously. You can't run a .ova outside of virtualization software.


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