I'm trying to configure samba to be able to share with Win7. After much tinkering I finally was able to get Ubuntu to be able to see its own shares, but it can't see the Win7 shares and Win7 can't see Ubuntu at all.

I've read a lot of old forum posts regarding this and have applied the following registry changes to Win7, but still I am not able to see Ubuntu.

On one occasion Win7 did momentarily see Ubuntu, but could not access anything or even see the names of the shares. That was immediately after I changed the shared folder's properties to enable simple file sharing (i.e.: not using the samba config app). But after rebooting Win7 (no settings changed), it was gone.

From the Ubuntu end, it might be simpler. When attempting to access the Win7 share, it asks for a password... but my Win7 share has no password. I'm pretty sure there's a samba setting to fix this, but I'm a total newb when it comes to samba, so I have no clue what to do.