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Thread: Wireless connected but no data transfer

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    Wireless connected but no data transfer

    Hey everybody

    I have a laptop running (meanwhile) Ubuntu 12.10. The problem I have started already while I was using 12.04 and has not been corrected with the update.

    So I can easily connect to any Wireless network, but I have experienced that at some points, the internet will stop working although the wireless connection stays stable.
    Sometimes, internet will work again after a few seconds (usually about 20 seconds or so), but from time to time it happens, that I have to manually disconnect from the wireless connection and connect again.
    When this happens, I've tried pinging my router, with "host unreachable" being the result... on the other hand, I can ping localhost without problems.

    Two other laptops running Windows work fine and epxerience no "connection holes"...

    I hope somebody can help.. it's annoying when even upgrading is interrupted because of this problem..

    Thanks in advance!
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