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Thread: HELP, removed ALL kernel entries from my grub menu...

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    HELP, removed ALL kernel entries from my grub menu...


    I was running low on space, so used
    sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.2.0-2*
    It remove all the older 3.2.0-2* kernels, but it also removed all entries for 3.2.0-3* kernels from the GRUB menu!

    Now, I have no selection in the GRUB menu to boot into my linux installation! (Please see included screenshot).

    I now understand that I should have used update-grub BEFORE rebooting; how do I get back into my installation so that I can install / update GRUB?

    I have access to live session (CD/USB). My skill set is intermediate-high. Comfortable with terminal. Information / pointers much appreciated.

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