Hey there, I currently have 2 nVidia 560's which are both dual monitor. As some of you might know, it seems the only way to run a 4 monitor setup is to run each pair of monitors as their own Twinview, then stitch them together using xinerama. This basically creates two large "screens" that each span two monitors. Unfortunately, xinerama is very old and outdated. And back around the time that Ubuntu 11.04 came out, a bundled update to xorg caused us to loose support for quad monitors using nvidia and xinerama all together without the use of a convoluted hack/patch job. Support has once again returned, but it's a huge hassle to get working, and every time it breaks or I upgrade, it seems like I have to start all over again. AND, buy using xenerama, I loose all of the OS eyecandy that you can get by just running two monitors.

I am tired of this... Sadly, this is the one feature that "just works" with windows, and causes me to *almost* want to go back to windows...

Ok, so onto my question. Are there any video cards out there that will assist in making my quad monitor setup a bit easier? I've heard whispers ATI has better linux support for multi-monitor. Has anyone seen this as the case? I have also heard that buying a single quad+ monitor video card will work better with Ubuntu.

The problem that I am having is either option (buying two equiv. ati graphic cards or buying a 4 or more monitor video card) is looking like a $200+ investment. Honestly, if it means getting all of this working, I am willing to make that investment at this point. But I do not want to spend the money if it is only going to be marginally better than my current setup.

So, what is the bet video card(s) to buy to support a four or more monitor setup?