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Thread: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi HD Crashes / Boot faillure

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    Exclamation Creative Soundblaster X-Fi HD Crashes / Boot faillure

    Hi Ubuntu users,

    I really like Ubuntu. I just installed it, and don't want to switch back to Windows ever again. But I'm not sure if Ubuntu thinks the same. Some times it really pisses me off, due to some software bugs/crashes.

    This is my main problem:
    I have bought a Soundblaster X-FI HD USB soundcard, about a year ago. But Ubuntu doesn't seem to have the right drivers for it, I think.

    1. When booting Ubuntu, I have to make sure the Soundblaster isn't connected to my PC, other wise it will hang at a black screen. When I do disconnect it before booting, its all fine.

    After start-up I can connect it to my PC again, and Ubuntu will recognize it. Though I have to select the device at the Sound Settings Panel every time.

    2. That's not the main problem. The most irritating problem are the crashes. When I do a bit of multitasking (I think that's the problem), the drivers like crash or something. And my system will hang till I disconnect my Soundblaster.

    I hope there is a solution to this! Otherwise I will go back to Windows again


    Rogier Reerink
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