Dear all,
I switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7 in July 2011 and have been having a great experience running Ubuntu. I love this operating system and have been recommending it to other people. I have even been burning installation cds and providing them to people interested in Ubuntu.

Seeing me use ubuntu and work in a virus free environment, some colleagues at my office have shown interest to try Ubuntu. I am sure they will love it.

However, here a small problem that has been preventing them from using it or rather say prevented me from recommending it.

Our office uses a network printer of the model Canon iR2018 UFRII. Despite installing the drivers and even following the advice of members of this forum, I haven't been able to print anything from my machine (which has Ubuntu 12.04 now but I started with Ubuntu 10.04). I have to reboot with Windows to get anything printed. (one of the few reasons why i have been dual booting)

If I could get my computer to work with the printer, I could happily recommend Ubuntu to 3-4 colleagues in my office.

Can anyone help me on how to get the network printer working on my computer?

P.S. I tried installing all the drivers provided by canon but to no avail.

I have also followed the advice as suggested in this thread:

But nothing has worked so far.

Hoping to get advice on how to fix this problem.