I have a vmware ubuntu v9.1 VM. It has a 2nd /var drive of 120G. It uses the LVM2 format and type Ext4 . This drive is fully allocated even though only 19G is in use.

I want to reduce the disk size to 25G, I created a new Ext4 drive and copied the /var to the /new_var

I then want to create the new drive the new /var and then delete the 120G drive.

However, after adjusting the area names and ftstab, a reboot does not work...

I get issues reported with /var/lock, /var/lock
It seems like there is some artefacts in these tied to the old drive ?

>> I am a novice here, but if someone knows the simple missing step, i would appreciate it.
>> I am not sure if the new Ext4 area needs to be LVM2, i.e. part of /dev/mapper/xxx
Ubuntu will be completely happy looking for /var as long as it is mounted, whether on the old /dev/mapper/xxx or /dev/sdc1

This is the link to the screen pictures of what is happening.


Many thanks