Hello everyone,

I am completely new to linux, and thus far my experience with linux has been booting ubuntu 12.04 from a flash drive to play around with. I would eventually like to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 alongside windows 7.

I have a Sony Vaio E series SVE15115FXS model laptop. The computer comes with 3 partitions loaded:
1. Recovery Partition
2. System Reserved Partition
3. C: drive

I have successfully shrunk my C: drive, and now have 182 GB of unallocated space. So this gives me 4 partitions if I am correct.My partition style is MBR, so this is my max. My question is: does it make sense to make both the swap and root partitions logical? and will this allow me to use the free space partition to successfully install Ubuntu with both a swap and root partition? In addition, when going through the steps of dividing the partition into swap and root in the installer (I did not execute the installation, just a practice run), it allows me to make the swap logical, but when I attempt to allocate the remaining space to root, it does not even give me an option to choose between logical and primary. Is this a problem?

I am in no hurry to actually commit to a dual boot right away, I will probably continue to play around with the bootable flash drive for a while longer. I would just like to hear any concerns or input you guys have on my situation. If there are any known problems with my particular computer specs, please feel free to let me know that as well. Thanks for your time guys, I hope this was a coherent post.