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Thread: Not Able To USE MTS USB Modem in Ubuntu 11.10 :( :'(

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    Angry Not Able To USE MTS USB Modem in Ubuntu 11.10 :( :'(

    Friends This is my first post to so i don't know where should i post it so please move my forum to appropriate area if it is posted at wrong section. Thank you!

    So Friends I'm using ubuntu from 4-5 months but till now i was using lan !but recently i bought MTS USB Modem ( indian company ) that is ZTE AC2746 Modem ! So i saw that company had not provided any software for 64 bit users ! so i just extracted that deb package and saw files so with nautilus i just moved them to their respective areas ! and it seemed to be working fine for 1 month ! but now m unable to connect my modem ! when i click connect with that software it says Like Connecting>Waiting for Modem>Logging to Net>Daemon Kill>No Such Proccess and there it ended :O !! so i tried by clicking i mean using ubuntu default option so i enabled usb modem and added my mts modem configuration with edit connections option ! so i got it connected in first try but now when i m trying to connect it im unable to do so ! modem is getting detected ! When i click enable usb modem it is not getting enabled see this pic so you will get it :

    It shows you dmesg log that modem is detected ! and also see that Enable Mobile Broadband is Clicked but Still it is not enabled sometimes it even get's enabled but im still not able to connect it if you want whole dmesg log here it is

    MY PC :
    My PC Is Dell Inspiron N4010
    OS : Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit
    RAM : 3 GB
    Modem : MTS ( ZTE AC2746 )

    Even I tried WVDIAL but that is also not working please help to me to get it working Thank you so much for reading it
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    Re: Not Able To USE MTS USB Modem in Ubuntu 11.10 :( :'(

    Please Help me

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    Re: Not Able To USE MTS USB Modem in Ubuntu 11.10 :( :'(

    Please be patient, and wait at least 24 hours between bumps. Thanks.

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    Talking Re: Not Able To USE MTS USB Modem in Ubuntu 11.10 :( :'(

    ahahaa ! i fixed it with wvdial !!!!!
    but my connection is very very slow could some one help me with it ???

    here is my content of wvdial.conf

    [Dialer mts]
    Stupid Mode = 1
    Inherits = Modem0
    Password = mts
    Username =
    Phone = #777

    Init1 = ATZ
    SetVolume = 0
    Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0
    Baud = 460800
    FlowControl = Hardware (CRTSCTS)
    Dial Command = ATDT

    Thank you


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