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Thread: Ubuntu on Microsoft surface?

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    Question Ubuntu on Microsoft surface?

    Is it possible to run Ubuntu on the Microsoft surface with ARM CPU?

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    Re: Ubuntu on Microsoft surface?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWaveable View Post
    Is it possible to run Ubuntu on the Microsoft surface with ARM CPU?
    Don't know -- but you should do a search in the Hardware section to see if anyone has tried that.
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    Re: Ubuntu on Microsoft surface?

    Microsoft has a requirement that any manufacturer that wants to sell an ARM device with Windows 8 on it should have something called Secure Boot and it should not be possible to disable the Secure Boot.

    Secure Boot prevents the installation of operating systems that do not have the approval of Microsoft. It is a bit more technical than that.

    This Surface device is built by Microsoft. It is sure to have Secure Boot and I doubt very much if it would be possible to disable it. Unless you can do that then it will not be possible to install any Linux operating system unless it is Ubuntu 12.10. See, this link:

    You should understand that you will be making an experiment if you tried to install 12.10 on a Microsoft Surface. It is too soon for anyone to say how well this method mentioned in the link will work. Windows 8 devices are very new. Someone has to be the first. Why not you?

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