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Thread: Panasonic DP-1510P

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    Lightbulb Panasonic DP-1510P

    Hey guys,

    my issue regards ndiswrapper mainly. I'm trying to setup this printer

    Panasonic DP-1510P

    which is setup with an LPR queue on our work network. I went on the Panasonic website and I downloaded the Windows 32 bit driver.

    When I run ndiswrapper the output is this

    root@alessandro-TravelMate-8372:~/Desktop/dg2lviai090319# ndiswrapper-1.9 -i PFXSETUP.INF
    installing pfxsetup ...
    couldn't find install directive: "Panasonic DP-1510P"   = Pan15PIT.PFD
    couldn't find install directive: "Panasonic DP-1810F"   = Pan18FIT.PFD
    couldn't find install directive: "Panasonic DP-1810P"   = Pan18PIT.PFD
    couldn't find install directive: "Panasonic DP-2010E"   = Pan201IT.PFD
    Do you have any ideas? I tried looking for this everywhere, but it seems no one has the "couldn't find install directive" issue. What could this mean? Should I modify the driver somehow?

    Thank you for any and all help!


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    Re: Panasonic DP-1510P

    Anyone got a clue on this issue? I'd really need some help, thank you!

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    Re: Panasonic DP-1510P

    On the Panasonic site I don' find the ubuntu driver for the DP-1510P. Where did you find it ?
    Could you please help me ?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Panasonic DP-1510P

    @baracco, a few points.

    1 - I don't think there is a Linux driver for this printer. It is not listed in the Panasonic website (that I can find) nor in the OpenPrinting database:

    2 - The OP has not logged in since November last year - you are unlikely to get a response from them.

    3 - The OP does not mention a Linux/Ubuntu driver at all. They refer to the Windows driver and ndiswrapper, which won't work. Ndiswrapper is for using Windows wireless drivers in Linux.

    I fear that your printer may not be suitable for Linux (Ubuntu).
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