Hello folks, a couple of issues I am having here:

I am using a fairly recent AMD Radeon (7700 series), and can't seem to install the proprietary drivers without an issue. Each time I install it (on a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10), the system works fine until I restart for a second time, whereupon I will simply get a blank desktop with a mouse cursor (though I can bring up the terminal).
I am currently using the open-source driver, which affords me some tasks but seems to have limited flexibility in relation to the proprietary drivers.

  • What is the most effective method for installing the Catalyst drivers? (I have currently only tried the installer from AMD's webpage)
  • How can I remove the open-source drivers completely so that the Catalyst drivers will install smoothly?
  • How can I remove a failed installation of the proprietary drivers, so I don't need to completely reinstall Ubuntu 12.10?

Thank in advance. Linux newbie here so go easy