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Thread: Remastered Live CD without unable to connect

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    Remastered Live CD without unable to connect

    I've been trying to remaster the original live cd with tools like ubuntu builder and relinux but once I have the live image I am not able to connect to a network (Wired or wireless). The strange thing is that the network manager show a the connection but when you try to access the internet with firefox it won't connect to any site. I have disabled ufw and also try in the terminal ping to different sites and it just won't connect to them.

    What can I do to see what is going on? Any help will be appreciate it.

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    Re: Remastered Live CD without unable to connect

    I know this reply is very late, and that it doesn't exactly answer the question, but is your issue similar to this?
    If so, then try using the work-arounds mentioned, and see if they would work.

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    Re: Remastered Live CD without unable to connect

    lkjoel, this is a problem I'm having too and couldn't figure out why, but what they've said makes perfect sense as a possible solution. It's late now (after midnight, US central time), but I'll give this a whirl sometime tomorrow if I get a chance on a distro I've been trying to create and officially introduce to the world for some time now. Thanx!
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