I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 on a machine that dual boots to Windows XP, which I would like to eliminate. I'm not sure what version of Wine is, but it is the "official" (i.e. Software Center) version for Ubuntu 12.04.

I have used Adobe Digital Editions on Windows for some time to load and manage books I check out from the library, and to transfer them to my Nook Color e-Reader.
The WineTricks has Adobe Digital Editions listed, so I installed it and, indeed it appears to be the same as the application I use under Windows, with one critical exception.

Under Ubuntu, it doesn't recognize my Barnes and Noble Nook Color. I've tried connecting the Nook before starting Digital Editions, and I've tried starting Digital Editions first, and then plugging in the Nook.

Neither seems to work.

Although this probably means nothing, I should mention that, for some reason, when I plug in the Nook, Ubuntu (well, Nautilus) displays the message "These files are on a digital audio player" and presents a button to "Open Rhythmbox Music Player." I believe that, somewhere on the device there probably are some mp3 files, but my Nook primarily contains books (mostly ePubs and pdfs).

Since Calibre (e-book library manager program) recognizes the Nook with no problem under Ubuntu, and Adobe Digital Editions recognizes it under Windows, I suspect the problem is in my Wine configuration, but have no idea where to look.

And yes, by the way, I did separately authorize the Ubuntu copy of Digital Editions.

Does anyone have any ideas?