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Thread: Wifi (ath9k, 12.10) really slow, no solution found yet

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    Talking Re: Wifi (ath9k, 12.10) really slow, no solution found yet

    Varunendra, Linuxfast, you guys are the best... after a few days of testing in the field, I dare to say my wifi connection is stable and much, much faster than it was before.

    Kudos to you both, as I feel the combination of both your suggestions lead to this result. Many thanks!

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    Re: Wifi (ath9k, 12.10) really slow, no solution found yet

    I have been having the same problems and trying the recommendations and finally found a solution. I plugged my on Verizon Actiontec modem into my Comcast/Xfinity Arris TG862. I'm now connected and browsing using the Verizon's modem wifi.

    Here how to do it:
    1. make sure the POS modem is powered on and your other wifi router is powered off.
    2. connect cat 5 between them.
    3. power on the the other wifi router. (the verizon modem automatically configured itself as an access point, I don't know what your modem will do, you may have to adjust the settings manually)
    4. connect to the Wifi provided by the other WiFi router.

    I'm fairly certain that the Xfinity modem/router is a POS, not unlike comcast itself. it seems that many people are having problems with the Wireless N on the Arris TG862.

    Good luck.

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