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Thread: __git_ps1 command not found (git-core ppa)

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    __git_ps1 command not found (git-core ppa)

    I'm currently using the git-core ppa [1,2] to get the latest version of git. With the latest upgrade, however, I think a few things fell out of the package... Specifically PS1-related stuff has been has been split out from the other completion stuff into contrib/completion/ [3]. Downloading and manually source'ing [3] solves this problem.

    I hit this same issue with arch [4] a while back.

    Does anyone know how to bring this to the attention of the git-core ppa maintainers? If I don't have any luck I'll email them directly but would rather not for the sake of spamming.


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    Re: __git_ps1 command not found (git-core ppa)

    This is fixed in git 1.8.0-1.

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