I'm working at a community access site and we are getting new computers soon. We are planning on running a mix of some ubuntu release and windows 7. We already have a solution or will find a solution for clearing all data created during a session but are looking for the best solution for ubuntu. I personally have used ubuntu in the past and have just recently switch(for good I think) on my home computers.
Here is what our setup is like and what is needed:
-6 computers that will be capable of dual booting ubuntu/windows

-each computer is going to be set up to automatically log in to a customer account

-there will be a staff/admin account

-the customer account needs to not suffer from any loss of functionality but needs to
be secure in a way that they cannot damage the computers accidentally

-we have the computers set to restart after 15 minutes of idle and upon restart, all changes that were made during the session need to be permanently deleted

-the solution needs to be relatively easy to implement and fix if errors occur

-we need to be capable of imaging both partitions using FOG(hopefully)

I know there are ways to do this and hopefully I can be pointed in the right way. I haven't done much research into doing this but thought this would be the right place to get pointed in the right direction.

Long post for a first post but I'll hopefully be capable of contributing to the community and to this forum