+1 on what OldFred has said - the Intel boards and IGP's often need the i915.x settings. In addition, some seem to require either ACPI=off or NOAPIC to get around that. It may even be necessary to specify one the VGA= options just to boot into GUI. After you get it to actually let you install, check Additional Drivers to see if there is a recommended driver for your IGP.

I would think at this point it could be either the video or the disk, both as OldFred has suggested. I'm not sure at which point in the boot process it starts looking at the drives, but I suppose that might do it. I would be leaning more to an IGP option myself, but I don't have the experience someone like OldFred does.

It would also help if you could someone get a picture of the text you get on your screen, or at least copy it down and post back with the last 10 lines of it or so to see if we can get anything to go on from those messages.