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Thread: installation on new hard drive. No prior OS

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    installation on new hard drive. No prior OS

    I just built a new computer to dedicate to linux and Umbutu in particular. This computer consists of all new components that have never see another operating system. I have changed the bios to look to the optical (dvd) drive first. When I start the computer and put in an installation disk I only get to is the "What language" and the "try Umbutu or install Umbutu" screens. There after my screen goes black. This is with an installation disk that came in the back of an Umbutu book. On an installation disk I made myself, it goes black right after the "what language" screen. Note that Umbutu installed fine using this disk on a machine that already had windows installed. Can anyone help me with this? A friend suggests that a "Master boot record" (what is this?) or lack thereof may be the problem. Does this seem right? Thanks. Any help on this will be appreciated.
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