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Thread: 12.04 screen darkens at 10 min of idle

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    12.04 screen darkens at 10 min of idle

    12.04LTS & Gnome Classic-no effects, PC (not laptop)
    I have tried a number of things to permanently stop the screen from going dark after 10 min of idle time. The screen comes alive with key or mouse movement. For a session, if I execute "xset s off" in a terminal, no more blanking takes place; the problem is it is not a permanent fix for the next boot.

    What I tried after removing: xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver:

    1)Sys Settings>Brightness & Lock set to "Never" turn screen off, Lock set to "Off"
    2)Sys Settings>Power set suspend to "Don't Suspend"
    3a) Made on the desktop a script file "" which has only two lines: "xset -dpms" & "xset s off".
    3b) Apps>Sys Tls>Prefs>Startup Apps: added Went to its install location "~./.config/autostart" and made the file there executable. The file is renamed to "" and following is its contents:

    [Desktop Entry]

    4) Put "xset s off" in /etc/rc.local
    5) Also played on the cmd line with "xset -dpms" and "xset s noblank" - interestingly the latter caused a gray screen vs going fully dark.
    6a) Verified that "xdotool" was installed
    6b) Similar to 3a) & 3b) above I made a script with the lines below and put them in the Startup Apps folder and made the resultant file executable:
    while sleep 30 ; do xdotool keydown Shift_L keyup Shift_L ; done
    7) It was mentioned that updates(Update Manager) may correct problem, I have declined to use updates. If there is a specific update that does the trick, then my all means please post.

    I would prefer a method to just make a few manual entries to permanently stop the screen from going dark after 10 minutes of idle time.

    mark bower
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