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Thread: apple belgian keyboard alu, help!!!

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    apple belgian keyboard alu, help!!!

    Hi everyone, i'm from belgium and the problem is that the keys <> do not match to the ones they are supposed to, it's quite annoying!

    It looked in the preferences "keyboard" , the is indeed a belgian one but not optimised for belgian apple, there is only for french ones (france).... Why did they change ours? We're such a little country!

    Do anybody knows a program that can recognize any existing apple keyboard mapping?

    Thx a lot!

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    Re: apple belgian keyboard alu, help!!!

    Being Belgian, if French doesn't work, would Dutch solve it?
    (Maybe this is too obvious and you already tried...)

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    Re: apple belgian keyboard alu, help!!!

    I'm from France I have a Powerbook Alu and found there's a "French (Macintosh)" keyboard layout in the list (got to scroll down a bit to find it), maybe this will work better for you than the regular French kbd layout.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have a mix of FR and Dutch (or rather, Flamand characters on your belgian keyboard ?

    (note: on my FR Powerbook keyboard, the "<" and ">" are on the same key, located next to the left Shift key)


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