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Thread: Access Shortcut from Thunderbird

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    Access Shortcut from Thunderbird

    This is probably the wrong forum but I'm not quite sure where to post. My apologies if it is.

    Well I've searched here and there, and couldn't make heads or tails of the solutions.

    When trying to add attachments in Thunderbird, I'm constantly navigating through our file shares to get to the right folder/files.

    Currently I have our windows share automounting and it ends up under /home/user/.gvfs/

    I want to create some type of shortcut to a specific folder in the server, that I'm able to quickly access from Thunderbird.

    I tried creating a Launcher on my Desktop, and I'm able to access it when I double click it, but its not accessible from Thunderbird.

    I tried navigating to that folder and adding a bookmark in places, but it doesn't show up in Thunderbird.

    I'm not exactly sure how to search for something like this. I've tried different keywords and ideas, but I'm having troubles obviously lol.

    Ubuntu 10.04
    Thunderbird 14

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Access Shortcut from Thunderbird

    Any ideas anyone? Or maybe I should re-post in a different section? Which section?


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    Re: Access Shortcut from Thunderbird

    Bit late but I thought I would post...

    This works for me:


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