This post is related to some other posts I made regarding ufw at these two links:

The question I have is that the first time once I enable(activate) Gufw and use it to set up the firewall rules, will the firewall be active and those settings be in place every time I start up and boot into ubuntu in the future? Or every time I boot into ubuntu, will I have to check to see if the firewall(Gufw) is inactive or the settings need to be set again? I am asking this because I used firestarter till a couple of years earlier and once on randomly checking the iptales rules using 'sudo /sbin/iptables -L' I found that that all the chains were set to ACCEPT,i.e. the firewall was not active even though firestarter was supposed to load the firewall settings(incoming-deny,outgoing-allow) at each boot up. Since then, at each boot up, I would log onto the administrative account first, open firestarter and make sure that firestarter was active. Even after switching to ufw and then Gufw, I have been doing the same. Every time at boot up, I log into the administrative account first, open the Gufw window and make sure that Gufw is active(enabled) and that the settings are the same ones I initially set(incoming-deny,outgoing-allow). Is this necessary? Has someone ever reported a bug in Gufw or ufw of this nature where the firewall(Gufw/ufw) is somehow inactive at boot up even though it had been activated and the settings made at an earlier bootup? Or is there no reason for me to worry? Is Gufw a set and forget firewall of the kind we see on default installations of windows 7 where once the firewall is activated and set, it will be active with the correct settings at all future boot ups?

The second question is that while using laptops and you switch between wired and wireless connections with the computer on, will it affect firewall(Gufw) security or its settings in any way?

The third question is that for a laptop, once you log into an user account and connect to a wireless network, will the Gufw/ufw firewall immediately get activated and set the requisite rules?