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Thread: Lines in the menu box

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    Lines in the menu box

    Hello friends,

    I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and just found this problem in the menu boxes, it also happens in the menus displayed by the system tray icons. This happened after installed compizconfig and tweak tool. I don't remember changing anything related to this but until now can't find the problem.

    This doesn't solve after a reboot.

    I appreciate any help, because I'm losing functionality in the menus...

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    Re: Lines in the menu box

    Am having the same issue and recently i noticed that the menu for messaging icon on the system tray is not showing the text. only the clear button !!

    Am not sure if the white menu n the lines are related to the problem with the messaging icon. but I tried changing my Ambience Theme to adwaita. It worked for a while then when I restarted my laptop the problem happened to the 2nd theme as well.

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