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Thread: Fix Ubuntu 12.10 windows network access

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    Ubuntu 12.10 windows network access problems

    I had Ubuntu 12.04 connected without any problems to my Windows network, but am having no luck after my upgrade to 12.10.
    It keeps asking for a password to access my NAS, to which it is normally connected for backup purposes when in fact there is no password necessary. A box pops up every minute or so and I cannot seem to be able to get connected or get rid of this silly box.
    There is also a problem with copying files.
    The network directory used to be /home/paul/.gvfs/server_name
    but now is stuck somewhere in /run/user/paul/gvfs/all-the-access-details/server_name
    It's all very complex and confusing compared to the previous version.
    Can anyone help?
    P.S. My Web Access over the wireless network works fine.
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