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Thread: Using a SoundBlaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro as synthesizer module

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    Using a SoundBlaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro as synthesizer module

    Hello @all,

    I am stuck somehow in using a Soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro as a synthesizer module in Ubuntu Studio (or Ubuntu 12.04.1 canonical):

    I would like to use an (admittedly somewhat weak) Lenovo IdeaPad as a synthesizer module for a USB attached midi wind controller (Akai EWI-USB), since the IdeaPad would provide me with several hours of battery operation. Unfortunately I experience a severe xrun problem if I take the jackd for low-latency interconnecting and Qsynth/FluidSynth with the FluidGM.sf2 as soundfont, both in the formerly installed Ubuntu 10.04 and the new 12.04 based Ubuntu Studio. The resulting drop-outs and other audio rendering faults render the system useless for musical application

    I bought the said USB attached Soundblaster card because it was mentioned that it would support uploadable sound fonts as well. The idea was to relieve the weak main processor from the actual sound creation work and leave that to the new Blaster.

    The Blaster is recognized by the notebook, and I managed to play mp3 over its sound output, but I do not see how to put the device to work for live midi conversion. My expectation: Upload the desired soundfont to the Blaster, and afterwards only send the conversion directives (midi signals) right through to the card that should produce the resultant interpreted instrumental output directly on its own outputs. I had expected that the automatically invoked library for the Blaster would support a respective call by FluidSynth.

    But now I am clueless how to realize this setting. Any help is gladly appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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