Hi everybody,

I already posted something similar on the general section but I "lost" my thread and the problem is different from the one that I was expecting so I am posting a 2.0 version here.

I run Precise on a Macbook Pro (early 2011) 13''. I am experiencing a very strange wireless issue. When I am at home I can connect to my local wireless connection without problem. When I am in another location, such as my university, not only I can connect but the wireless card is unable to detect any wireless and I see the wireless network as "disconnected". I got this problem since last week, at first the wireless was working fine, then I had an unexpected crash and when I recovered from that crash I experienced this issue. I tried re enabling the wireless permission for every user and do a rfkill check, everything seems fine. Is there a way to fix this?

Edit: I was running xubuntu before the crash but the problem is extended to any GUI (Unity and Gnome have the same issue)