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Thread: Booting problems (what I assume to be video)

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    Booting problems (what I assume to be video)

    Hi, I have a mid-2011 21" iMac that was working okay on a fresh install of Ubuntu. I found it kind of sluggish with dual monitors, so I installed "fglrx-updates" through apt-get. When I rebooted I was greeted by the usual Grub2 screen, but when I boot into Ubuntu, the screen is fine, the progress bar goes to one dot (orange), then two, and then jumps to 5, and the screen becomes distorted (the orangish bar at the top is jagged), and offcenter (covers the "u" in "Ubuntu"). I don't have a USB keyboard right now (bluetooth with a dongle, works for everything but recovery mode), and would like some ideas that don't require a USB keyboard (such as grub2 stuff if possible). If I need a USB keyboard, I guess I'll get one.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, the cursor shows, which leads me to believe I'm at the login screen. If I leave it long enough, the bar on top will disappear until I move the mouse.
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