Today I managed to get Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit installed on a MSI Windpad tablet so I thought I'd start this thread to document everything which works and doesn't work. I'll continue to update as I go.

The install was a breeze, I used a power USB hub to plug in a liveUSB stick, keyboard and mouse for the installation. The keyboard was required to hit F11 on bootup to get into the boot sequence and the USB had to be inserted at the same time in order to load in the boot manager. I pressed down to select the USB drive, pressed enter and the install was a breeze. The mouse wasn't needed as the touch worked out of the box even through the setup. And Ubuntu installed extremely easy, I didn't have to do anything other than follow the prompts just as you would on a laptop.

Issues so far:
- sometimes when I reboot the device it won't boot into the desktop, it just sits on a black (purplish) screen. I have to keep hard rebooting it and eventually it'll boot fine.
- When I wake it up after it's been asleep for a few minutes it often won't recognize my touches. I have to reboot it again.
- I haven't been able to get wireless to recognize any signals at all.