Hi, I don't want to be wasting threads so I will ask 2 questions in one go. I was tempering with Software Center and Synaptics Package Manager beacuse everytime I went on youtube and listened to music it was all crackly craking sound especially when I was scrolling or using my mouse vigirously (mouse is wireless btw). I read that I should disable Pulse and only leave Alsa (I think that's where I screwed up), I also went to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf and disabled the very last line, still no avail ,just to clarify that there isn't anything wrong with the speakers ,they works absolutely fine under windows 7 which I have on a separete hdd.

Question no.1
How do I get rid of the awful crackling sound, it sounds as if it's over amplified and yet the volume isn't high!

Question no.2

How do I return the the sound control back to the panel.