All the threads i found on this subject were outdated and did not work or could not be done. Its the problem where the trackpad will only register my finger if i lay it flat on. If i use my fingertips it doesnt move at all. However, when two-finger-scrolling i can use my fingertips easily, no problem. So its choosing not to recognize my fingertip, and that has to be a setting somewhere.

I am a very new and fresh Ubuntu user, although i have had to use the terminal to do things and succeeded. So i know how to do that to a certain extent.

How do i get into the touchpad/trackpad settings where i can tune the finer settings, on Ubuntu 12.10? The xorg.conf file seems to be missing, and when following the terminal commands listed in older threads, to open it in the gedit, it opens an empty document.

Also, while typing this i realized i need to figure out how to get the apostrophe button working again.