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Thread: Missing System Panel

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    Angry Missing System Panel


    This might be a repost and if it is, I'm sorry. I don't want to waste any more of my time searching for an answer. Basically, I've had Ubuntu 11.10 for about a year now w/o any problems. Just recently, I've started having some minor problems and when I searched for answers, the first thing I saw was "Click on system in your panel." However, when I looked for it, it was missing. Long story short, I do not have a system panel and every attempt to recover it has failed. Can you please tell me how to recover my panel w/o having to reinstall Ubuntu or anything dramatic like that? I'll post a screenshot of my desktop to show you that my panel is missing.
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    Re: Missing System Panel

    That existed in older versions of Ubunty. Nowadays, you have to click on the first button at the right side of your panel and select System Settings...

    But, try finding more up-to-date how-tos and tutorials.

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    Re: Missing System Panel

    I'm not too savvy on this, but I think I may have had a similar issue. As kostkon said above, the cog/wrench icon will access a now redesigned "System Settings" menu. If you're looking for the location on your hard drive, you can click on the folder icon "Home Folder" and "File System" will be located on the bottom of the left-hand menu pane, or you can go click the Dashboard (Ubuntu icon) or access it with the Windows key and search for whatever you need to find. Sorry if this doesn't help.

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