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Thread: simple sip library

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    Simple sip library not too high nor low level


    I have to do a sip proxy server and I don't know where to start. I have been instructed to pick a library and then build it around that. However I have no idea what library would fit my needs the best.

    I need to implement register, making calls and visualization of the sip messages (into transactions, dialogs, methods ...)

    I can't use too high level library nor too low level, basically what the library should know is creating, sending, receiving, parsing messages and should have build in data structures for those tasks, the rest is on me.

    I would like to do this project in c++ or c#/mono, I also know java, but I would rather use those first two.

    Also any tutorials and experiences with the library would be great.

    Many thanks
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    Re: simple sip library

    The main SIP library in use today is Sofia. Have you looked at it?
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