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Thread: Virtualization Server?

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    Re: Virtualization Server?

    Quote Originally Posted by kow777 View Post
    The extension pack only enables RDP, correct? Without it you can use VNC.
    Thought they removed the option to use VNC?

    EDIT: Looks like it was removed, so if you want it you would have to compile it yourself:
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    Re: Virtualization Server?

    Going to look into that, as every PC (5) in our home is running the same brand/version of VNC so I can easily maintain that.

    So ill prob be a day or 2 working out the VNC Compile and setting firewall ports before i try this again.

    Also have to route traffic so i can use the VNC on my smartphone to connect. I can currently use it to connec to our HPTC from work
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