I am trying to run two Hoontech DSP 2000 (http://www.st-audio.de/products/dsp2000/info.html) PCI cards simultaneously on Ubuntu Studio 12.04.

The cards work fine one at a time.

I have made an .asoundrc file that combines the two cards into one virtual card, and am using an SPDIF cable to provide clock synchronization between the cards.

This works when I use qjackctl to start up jack (it starts /usr/bin/jackd). It is not entirely stable though: ardour crashes at times etc., there's numerous (spurious?) xrun reports - no problem with the sound, but xruns are reported in abundance nonetheless.

But if I use gladish to start my sound programs, gladish apparently starts /usr/bin/jackdbus instead.

(is this something with jack1 vs jack2 or how do I know which one Ubuntu Studio uses?)

Further, when it's gladish / jackdbus that is running, the contents of my .asoundrc seems to be completely ignored. No matter what try to write in the "input" and "output" sound device fields in gladish's jack configuration window - it only works if I write physical sound device names (hw0, hw1); writing the pseudo sound device named (multi_capture, multi_playback) does not work.

Is using multiple sound cards supported in Ubuntu Studio? In gladish? Anyone doing it? Pointers to some recent documentation?

Thanks in advance,