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Thread: No microphone in sound settings

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    No microphone in sound settings

    Hello. i am new to Ubuntu and i am having a large problem that of my microphone not appearing in the sound settings.
    I installed Ubuntu with the windows installer.
    I have tried every fix i can and even resorted to installing realteks HD audio drivers as they work well on my windows partition (of course i installed the Linux version before i get asked)
    My headset is a creative fatal1ty HS800.
    In pulse audio i can switch a setting between microphone and in line but it has no effect and it does not transmit any sound.
    I can hear sounds it is just my microphone not transmiting
    I really need help as i am going to be trying steam for linux and want to talk to my friends on skype and if this is fixed i can then phase out windows for the most part.
    Thanks in advance.
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