So I thought I'd adjust my toolbars, put them both on the bottom; no more going from top to bottom and bottom to top of the screen to get things done for me! Only, when the top bar was on the bottom, with two together on top of each other like that it didn't look that great so I figured I'd make it (the toolbar previously known as top) hide. This has been surprisingly problematic for me as I can no longer access either bar properly now.

Instead of hanging out above the lower bar in aesthetic secrecy, it decided to hide BEHIND it. Now, they've merged together into one inoperable mess. I can't access any of the functions (when the functions are even visible), or adjust/access the properties. Sometimes the date/time part works but it's usually frozen or is soon enough. And when not frozen the area around the whole bar flickers, generally causes lag, and the containing widget seems to either be stuck or in a loop of some kind when I shut down that requires a forceful termination.

I've tried some alt + super commands to see if I can raise the settings, but to no avail. And I'm not savvy enough to know how to adjust this sort of thing in terminal, and I never set a shortcut FOR terminal anyway so I might be in for it. I only managed to get online by using the "find more themes" button by going through the "change desktop background" process.

Older build, but not old. Running Luicd, a pretty vanilla setup. I think I installed emerald at some point but I don't use it/know how to use it, but it's there if that matters. Haven't done anything otherwise significant lately either, besides this.