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Thread: VUDU Support on Ubu 12.10?

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    VUDU Support on Ubu 12.10?


    I'm not new to Linux. I'm a windows developer who has used Linux as a server OS back in the infancy of RedHat (perl/apache), but I'm definitely not a Linux hacker, though I know some Linux workarounds often need a helping of specific fixes. i.e. I can follow directions if you can give them to me.

    I recently installed Ubu 12.10 on a Laptop to give it another whirl as a desktop OS. I know there are other threads on this topic, but I'm looking for some up-to-date information...


    Does anybody CURRENTLY have Vudu's movie service up and running and usable via Ubu? Existing threads suggest it may work for some folks if they have a current version of Flash running on Chrome.

    I've installed both Chrome and Chromium, and tried watching movies via both as well as the pre-installed Firefox without luck I just get a black screen, or 'buffering' when I attempt to watch something.

    It appears I have Flash running on Chrome (on 32 bit Ubu 12.10), and the Vudu support suggests it should work as long as you have a current version of Flash. Unfortunately they do not provide any Linux specific support. So if anyone currently has this working, WTF does to take to make it happen?

    My past experience with Linux says there's a lot of really smart Linux folks out there who've figured it out (override user agents, or whatever it might take) So the gauntlet has been thrown down; make this work for me!

    Thanks for any insight guys,
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    Re: VUDU Support on Ubu 12.10?

    I have the same question
    But I don't think any of the movie sites will work on linux.
    They do work on android though.

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    Re: VUDU Support on Ubu 12.10?

    Okay but what exactly is different about the implementation of Chrome and/or Flash on Linux from Windows that makes it not work? Is there some sort of DRM plug-in that the Windows version of Flash supports that the Linux version doesn't?

    It just seems strange that it appears to work in darn-near any browser on Windows, but no browsers on Ubu. That seems to point to Flash. There's got to be someone who's found a workarond for this.

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