Hi I have a "standard" (if you can call it that) panel at the top of my desktop. At the bottom I added a second panel. I made it look like a Dock/Launcher type thing and looks/launches quite well.

The main problem I have is I want the new second "launcher looking" panel to disappear underneath a maximised window and be there if the window is closed. I have tried all the options in the panel properties but cannot seem to get this to work. The "auto Hide" option in the settings is not what I'm after either. I don't really want to install any compositors or docks etc so I keep the resource usage low.

Other things I would like to do with it although not as essential as the first problem is for the panel to float a little higher off the bottom edge of the screen and I would like a padding or spacer between the icon in the application launch bar applet.

Lubuntu 12.04

Many thanks for any help