Hello all.

I bought a Macbook Pro recently and have been using that nearly exclusively. Without much use for my old Windows 7 netbook anymore, I decided to go back to Ubuntu. One minor problem, though. When I booted up Windows 7 on my netbook, I got a "BOOTMGR not found" error message. Without thinking of it too much, I decided to completely forget Windows 7.

On to the actual problem now; because I have no CD drive (netbook, mind you) I have no way of actually using an Ubuntu CD. I am, however, in possession of a hard disk drive that can hold an ISO image.

Is there a way I can burn an ISO image to a hard disk drive on my Mac so I can then boot from that drive on my netbook?

If not, I will just buy or borrow a USB CD drive. I don't want to spend money, though! Thanks all.